The last week has been an ordeal no family….no police department….and no city should ever have to endure.

Lt. Aaron Allan gave his life in the service of others. He was more than just an outstanding officer, he was a dedicated husband to Stacy….a father to TJ and Aaron Jr…..son to his father James and Sharri and his mother Laurie…. brother to Ryan and Cory…. Grandson to Shirley…. He was a true friend.

Jn. Ch15 v.13 says “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  And that is just what Lt. Allan has done. And that is what every police officer is willing to do every day.

Lt. Allan is a true hero.  A man who was dedicated to his family and dedicated to his work as a police officer.


Aaron was an excellent example of what a law enforcement officer should be.  He was competent, dedicated, tenacious and tough.  In speaking to many current and former colleagues, the overriding theme is the same.  Aaron was a competent, dedicated professional.  But he could also be compassionate and caring, earning him the nickname “Teddy Bear”. We were fortunate to witness Lt. Allan’s dedication by his saving lives, and his compassion through providing for other people he did not know.


Aaron and I shared a common interest in hunting and fishing.  There were times in the office where we would trade stories, each exaggerating our exploits to the point that one would think we had defeated a charging grizzly bear with a piece of duct tape and a paper clip.  There were other times where we would throw candy at each other – he loved to kid around.


Lt. Allan also had a serious side.  He would want us to focus on the goals of our departments.  He would want us to stay focused on our commitment to the safety and well-being of all of those around us.  He would want us to serve others.  Aaron was committed to making a difference… And he did.


Police departments are not buildings or vehicles or equipment.  Police departments are people. Police departments are the men and women who selflessly serve their communities with integrity, who work tirelessly so our citizens can live in security and safety. Police departments are people like Lt. Allan


We are all hurting.  The loss of Aaron has cut us to the core, but it has also strengthened our resolve. It has strengthened our communities.  I am confident that God will use this tragedy for good.


My prayer is that we will always remember and never forget.  My prayer is that God will lift up the family of Lt. Allan and heal their wounds. My prayer is that God will keep and protect all of our police officers, first responders, and their families.


To borrow Isaiah Ch 6 v.8,

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And Aaron said, “Here am I….. Send me!”

Godspeed Lt. Allan, you are irreplaceable and will be missed.
Mayor Russell McClure

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