Southport Storm Water Utility

The City of Southport has a Storm Water Utility Board that is a legal entity which provides maintenance, improvements, planning, regulation, permitting, and administrative functions for the storm water system.  A Storm Water Utility provides a method of generating revenues for these necessary activities through user fees.  Previously, from 2001 to 2015, property owners in Southport paid Storm Water Utility fees to Indianapolis/Marion County Storm Water Utility.  As of 2016 utility revenues will come directly to the City of Southport for storm water management by Southport.  Our Storm Water Utility Board meets every 3rd Monday night at 6:15 p.m. For more information regarding storm water management please see the attached documents.


Stormwater #1

Stormwater #2

Stormwater #3

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Stormwater #5

How you can help keep Southport’s storm drains running properly?


The City of Southport is responsible to provide a stormwater drain system to handle water runoff during rain storms and other events.  Your help as a resident of Southport is needed to ensure proper operation of the stormwater system.  Clearing storm drains will assist in the proper flow of stormwater during a rainstorm or other event.


  • When mowing the lawn and collecting leaves, be sure not to blow the grass clippings and leaves into the storm drains.  If grass and leaves end up in them, they will clog the drain cover during rain storms and cause it to not operate properly.
  • From time to time, the stormwater drain covers become clogged with leaves, grass, twigs and other debris.  Clearing the debris from the storm water drain covers helps keep the drain operating properly.
  • Snow removal from the drain covers in the winter will ensure proper water drainage as the snow melts.
  • If you need additional information regarding storm drains or the Stormwater Utility board, please contact the Clerk Treasurer’s office at 317-786-3585.


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